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In order to provide remote training, DPI must comply with the guidance set forth by the DODD proposed rule.
  • Students must be visible at all times during presentation. This includes face, and upper body from the desktop and above.
  • Students with technical difficulties will not be considered in attendance during that electronic absence. If technical difficulties persist more than 15 minutes, student will not be permitted back into class.
  • Students must be able to see the trainer, materials and demonstrations.
  • Students must be able to see and hear one another.
  • Evaluations must be completed and submitted in order to receive renewal certification.
Check-in Students should check in 5 minutes prior to class to alleviate technical problems.
Participant identification Students will verify their identification by sharing identifying information (e.g., street name, month/day of their birth, etc) in the private chat.
No shows Students who do not log-in for the duration of the training will be considered a no-show and charged the regular rate of the training. Training will need to be rescheduled.
Successful completion Initial training requires skills checks, evaluation, and a written test which must be completed in person. Schedule to secure a spot.
Renewal training requires class participation, completion of skills checklist and evaluation.
  • Skills checks may be done by a Manager who has the appropriate certification. If completed by a manager, the name must be identified during the scheduling process.
  • Renewal skill checks can also be checked at the DPI office at no cost. Secure a spot during the scheduling process.
Agency notification Agency will be notified if
  • Student does not show
  • Student experiences technical problems for more than 15 minutes
  • Student does not successfully complete the training
For best virtual experience
  • Check-in early to alleviate technical problems.
  • Have print materials available.
  • Raise your hand or use chat box for questions.
  • Keep cameras engaged at all times.
  • Keep microphone on mute unless directed by trainer.
  • No cell phones permitted.
  • No recording of training permitted.
Class materials – PDFs of materials available on DPI’s website Certification 1, 2, and 3 – Initial and Renewal
Submission of materials Completed skills checklist and evaluation can be scanned and emailed to or faxed to (614) 505-6974.
As we continue to experience remote learning, policies are subject to change.
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