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REGISTRATION All training registration is done at Dynamic Pathways web site. Unfortunately, registrations cannot be taken over the phone. We apologize for this inconvenience.
Agency staff must be registered by a designated person from the provider agency in order to verify necessary credentials according to the rule. Individual staff may not register themselves.
INCOMPLETE and PENDING REGISTRATIONS Participants can verify a registration through the Dynamic Pathways website. If registration is “incomplete” or “pending” a seat will not be saved and participant will not be permitted to attend training.
WITHDRAW FROM CLASS Participants withdrawn by noon the day before the class will not be charged.
TRANSFER REGISTRATION Participants transferred by noon the day before the class will not be charged.
CERTIFICATION EXPIRATION If participant’s medication administration is 60 days past the expiration date, the participant must take Initial Certification 1 AND cannot administer medications or perform any health related activities until certification is current.
IDENTIFICATION All participants attending any medication administration training must show a picture identification prior to the start of class.
INDEPENDENT PROVIDER Independent Providers must provide proof of high school graduation or GED prior to Certification 1 training (verified at time of training).
NO SHOWS Participants who do not attend class will be charged the regular rate of the training.
LATE ARRIVALS To ensure participants receive all the required material, participants arriving 15 minutes passed the designated start time will be considered no-shows. Participants will not be permitted to complete the class and will be charged the regular rate of the training.
CERTIFICATES Medication Administration training certificates are emailed to provider agencies / independent providers within 14 business days of training. Red Cross Adult and Child CPR/FA certificates are emailed to participants within 14 business days of training. Provider training certificates are emailed to participants within 14 business days of training.
TRAINERS All Medication Administration trainings are taught by nurses in keeping with regulations set by DODD. Red Cross CPR and FA are taught by Red Cross certified instructors. Provider trainings are taught by experienced staff who are certified in Service and Support Administration and who are Behavior Support Specialists.
TRAINING STYLES Each class is taught using varying modalities including lecture, role play, small group discussion, demonstration and other activities to meet the needs of visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners.
INCLEMENT WEATHER CANCELLATION Class is cancelled when Franklin County has a Level 2 snow emergency. If the weather is questionable the morning of class, call Dynamic Pathways, (614) 505-6948, for instructions.
CELL PHONES To promote a positive learning environment, cell phones must be off or on silent during training sessions.
CHEATING Participants caught cheating will automatically fail the training and charged the rate of the training.
DISRUPTIONS Participants maybe asked to leave class if the instructor feels they are disrupting class and/or hindering the learning environment. If such an incident occurs the agency will be notified immediately and the class fee will be forfeited.
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